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    If you use this mail tool for the first time, please send an email to your own mail address and see if you receive it correctly.
  • With Bitaweb email editor you can write different characters of different languages on the same text area.
  • The receiver and the senders do not need any further installations of application or fonts.
  • You might also send the content of your mail as an image that can be viewed from any standard image viewer or you send the email as the modern unicode that can be decoded in any modern operating system.
  • The image file or any other files can also be attached to your email.
  • The emails can be saved on your local PC a HTML file as an archive.

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Email Format
Unicode: Because the most of the new operating systems are able to decode the Unicode, it always better to send your emails in Unicode format, it is small and editable.
Image: An image can be viewed in almost all the systems. But avoid using this format, because an image is in fact a large and not editable file.
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